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Michael Foster Jr

Prospect Information

POS:  PF              Height: 6'9              Weight: 220

High School: Hillcrest Prep               Hometown: Phoenix, AZ               Class: 2021


Analysis of Athlete

As far as the greatest players to come through Hillcrest Prep, Mike Foster is hands down the best all-around player I have ever seen. Mike is so young, being 17 most of his senior year. He has so much upside, it's scary. Mike has the ability to be a perennial NBA All-Star.

He has tremendous leaping ability which allows him to play outside or inside as he has been guarding and posting up the best centers in the USA his senior season. He can handle the ball and is quick off the dribble running the court like a PG. His basketball IQ is very high and sees the court. He has inside and outside scoring abilities. He is also a very strong player. Although he can still gain more muscle he is college ready right now.

As for defense he has the skills of former Hillcrest Prep and NBA Player Ayton. He is not as tall but because of his strength and versatility he can be a force in man or a zone with tremendous wingspan and quick feet. He is a top player in the Nation and there is a question if he may go to the Pros or overseas instead of taking the college route.

Tale of the Tape

Jersey: #12



Skill Set

Intangibles: 10

Versatility: 10

Ball Handling Skills: 10

Change of Direction: 10

Explosiveness: 10

Athleticism: 10

Size: 9

Speed: 10

Lateral Quickness: 10

Dribbling Speed: 10

Scoring: 10

Right Handed: 10

Left Handed: 10

Ambidextrous: 10

*Rating is 1-10.

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