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Jada Pourior

Prospect Information

POS:  G              Height: 5'11".              Weight: ---

High School: Valley               Hometown: Phoenix, AZ               Class: 2021


Analysis of Athlete

Jada has only one gear and that is FAST PACED in all areas of the game. She has a motor that is rarely seen in a player. She is suited for a slow down or fast paced style. She is your typical PG who likes to push the ball and take control of the game but knows when to slow it down when needed. Defensively she is a spitfire who forces even the best shooters or PG trouble and opponents she guards turn the ball over out of pure frustration.

She was a scoring machine in HS but she is well suited to be a true PG to control the game and break a press when teams are pressing her team. She can use both hands the same and actually will shoot with either hand. When her team presses she gets a lot of steals and points off of those steals either by passing or finishing herself.

She is not very tall and is lightweight but her playing with heart all but makes up for her lack of size. She has to get in the weight room because strong defenders may overpower her at times at the D-1 level especially a strong defender who has a few inches on her.

Tale of the Tape

Jersey: #25

GPA: 4.0


Skill Set

Intangibles: 10

Versatility: 9

Ball Handling Skills: 10

Change of Direction: 10

Explosiveness: 10

Athleticism: 10

Size: 7

Speed: 9

Lateral Quickness: 10

Dribbling Speed: 10

Scoring: 7

Right Handed: 10

Left Handed: 10

Ambidextrous: 10

*Rating is 1-10.

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