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Jackson Condie

Prospect Information

POS:  OL              Height: 6'4              Weight: 268

High School: Desert Ridge               Hometown: Mesa, AZ               Class: 2021


Analysis of Athlete

Jackson has all the intangibles to be a BIG time OL. He has a rare combination of quick feet, violent hands and flexibility.

Jackson needs to get a lot stronger to match his body frame. At the D-1 level which he can play he will not be an instant starter. BUT within a few years of gaining more size and strength he will be able to play at a high level.

If he wants to play at the D2 level he does have the skills to play his first year if he chooses to go that route. He is projected as a Guard.

Tale of the Tape

Jersey: #78

40 yd. Dash: 5.35

Bench(LBS): 255

Bench Reps: N/A

Squat (LBS.): 365

Deadlift (LBS): NA

Clean (LBS): 230

Shuttle: NA

Vertical: NA

GPA: 3.85


Skill Set

Intangibles: 9

Versatility: 8

Foot Skills: 8

Change of Direction: 7

Explosiveness: 9

Athleticism: 10

Size: 8

Speed: 6.5

*Rating is 1-10.

Jackson Condie Videos