Follow Up – Emily Muth Round Valley Softball

AZSportsnetwork had the pleasure of speaking with Emily Muth of the Round Valley softball team earlier in the season.  At that time the Round Valley Elks already had a few games under their belts all wins.  Emily was very optimistic about her team’s chances for the rest of the season and all of them had their sites set on the State Championship.  The Elks did quite well the rest of their season, losing only one game to Show Low late in April.  They indeed did make it to the state playoffs.  The Elks made it all the way to the semi-final round where they lost 9-1 to the Benson Bobcats.  Although they did not win the state championship, they do have Emily for one more season.  Emily will be a senior for the 2021-2022 season and what better way to finish her high school career than with a state championship.

Emily’s end-of-year stats were quite impressive.   Her batting average was .522, and her OBP was .621.  She had 24 HR’s, 19 RBI’s, 20 Runs, and a fielding percentage 0f .818.  She is ranked 33 in the state of Arizona.  If you ask Emily about any of her accomplishments she always tells you it is due to her teammates.  She will tell you that it is a team sport and she has a great team around her.  This is just how her character is.  Outstanding.  The Elks finished their season 17-2 overall and 9-0 in their region.   It is the opinion of this reporter that the only thing accomplished by the semi-final loss to Benson was to stoke the fire in the heart of the Elks for next season.