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DJ Gleash

Prospect Information

POS:  TE/WR/DE              Height: 6'3              Weight: 195

High School: Centennial               Hometown: Peoria, AZ              Class: 2021


Analysis of Athlete

Arizona’s most dominant Defensive End is in the class of 2021 and his name is DJ Gleash. An explosive Defensive End with great balance and power;

DJ is also very violent with his hands. His ability to play hard down the line combined with a great nose for the Quarterback earned him 5A Defensive Lineman and Player of the Year, while totaling 15 Sacks. Huge Frame Huge Prospect!

With his explosiveness and a huge wingspan he is a natural edge rusher. With D-1 size he has a frames to get to the size needed in college. He is also capable of putting on tons of muscle mass and increase his speed at the same time. He also has a good ability to defeat double teams.

Tale of the Tape

Jersey: #86

40 yd. Dash: 4.8

Bench(LBS): 225

Bench Reps: N/A

Squat (LBS.): 285

Deadlift (LBS): NA

Clean (LBS): 195

Shuttle: NA

Vertical: NA

GPA: 3.3


Skill Set

Intangibles: 9

Versatility: 10

Foot Skills: 9

Change of Direction: 9

Explosiveness: 9

Athleticism: 9

Size: 8

Speed: 7

*Rating is 1-10.

DJ Gleash Videos