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Cole Fuller

Prospect Information

POS:  QB/WR              Height: 6'1              Weight: 180

High School: Lake Havasu               Hometown: Lake Havasu, AZ              Class: 2021


Analysis of Athlete

Following a 2,700 yard, 19 TD Junior campaign, this D-1 caliber flame thrower is one of the most heavily recruited QB’s in Arizona. Cole’s ability to stand in the pocket and take a hit while delivering a strong throw with pinpoint accuracy is truly an art.

A natural leader and student of the game, Cole has a Football IQ that is off the charts. Don’t miss one of the best 2021 QB’s in the state. A true team player and natural born leader, Cole has stepped into the role of also being one of the best WR’s on the field to help his team


His size and speed will keep him away from the elite D-1 programs but if he can get stronger and improve his arm strength and speed he may be able to jump to a mid-range D1.

Tale of the Tape

Jersey: #12

40 yd. Dash: 4.9

Bench(LBS): 205

Bench Reps: NA

Squat (LBS.): 300

Deadlift (LBS): NA

Clean (LBS): 205

Snap Velocity: NA

Vertical: NA

GPA: 4.35


Skill Set

Intangibles: 9

Versatility: 10

Ball Skills: 9

Snap Velocity: NA

Explosiveness: 8

Athleticism: 10

Size: 7

Speed: 7

*Rating is 1-10.

Cole Fuller Videos