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Burt Delay

Prospect Information

POS:  QB              Height: 5'11              Weight: 160

High School: Valley Vista              Hometown: Surpise, AZ               Class: 2021


Analysis of Athlete

The best word to describe Valley Vista QB Burt Delay is DANGEROUS! With years of varsity experience as the

starter, this flame thrower has great velocity on his throws and can put the ball anywhere on the field.

But even more important Burt has the ability to move the pocket while always keeping his eyes down field, and

should he need to take off you better watch out! He has the ability to be a pass or run threat.

His size is without a doubt the main concern at the college level. A college is going to have an offense built

around him for his strengths instead of a drop-back passer.

He needs to get his speed down to at least close to 4.7 if he wants to try and get a D2 offer and put on more

 muscle mass.

Tale of the Tape

Jersey: #4

40 yd. Dash: 4.9

Bench(LBS): 180

Bench Reps: N/A

Squat (LBS.): 285

Deadlift (LBS): NA

Clean (LBS): 200

Shuttle: NA

Vertical: NA

GPA: 3.0


Skill Set

Strength: 9

Versatility: 9

Motor: 9

Point of Attack: NA

Explosiveness: 8

Athleticism: 10

Size: 6

Hand Quickness: NA

Speed: 6

*Rating is 1-10.

Burt Delay Videos