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3A Football



Below are the lists of the 1A All-State Teams. When you get to the gallery there will be a list at the top of the gallery where you can locate your HI-REZ Poster Certificate. All you have to do is click on the picture and download it to you files or desktop. These are Hi-rez certificates that you can have for your records and also good enough to turn into a certificate or a poster size wall certificate as well. If you have any issues downloading or there is a mistake on your Certificate please email us and we will correct and send you a new one. The Galleries are in order of 1st Team, 2nd Team and 3rd team in the same order you see on the list below. The names will also be listed above each gallery so you can find your certificate quite easily. 

 1st Team


OL-Mason Lee, Thatcher      

OL-Crew White, ALA-GN

OL-Alex Wright, ALA-GN

OL-Carter Solomon, Snowflake

OL-Christian Sanchez, PC

OL-Keanu Clark, Round Valley

OL-Jacob Booth, Valley Christian 

QB-PJ London. Blue Ridge

QB-Jack Ricedorff, ALA-GN

RB-Mark Wren, Thatcher

FB-Bryson Alder, Wickenburg

FB-Damon Mitchell, Blue Ridge

RB-Seth Wiltbank, Round Valley 

RB-Brody Curtner, GC

WR-Jayden Rittenbach, PRCA

WR-Johnny Bellino, ALA-GN

WR-Austin Rush, YC

WR-Bryan Dyson, AZCP

WR-Mario Martinez, YC

WR-Kamren Loftin, CV

TE-Noah Baum, Snowflake

Flex-Caden Cantrell, Snowflake

Off Utility-Trevor Cline, Payson

Off Utility-Jadon Cisco, Round Valley

L. Snapper-Micah Heisler, BR


Punter-Makai Funkai, Round Valley

Kicker-Jace Feely, Gilbert Christian 


DL-James Shumway, Thatcher

DL-Payson Cardon, Snowflake

DL-Jacob, Bernal, YC

DL-Bradley Ruiz, Snowflake

DL-Kyron Clark, Round Valley

LB-Michael McBride, Thatcher 

LB-Rev Brimhall, Snowflake

LB-Dezmond Esquivel, YC

LB-Tyler Mustain, PRCA

LB-Anthony Castillo, PC

LB-Malachi Rodriquez, Coolidge

LB-Christian Smith, Safford

LB-Luc Asay, ALA-GN

DB-Jejdrique Chavez, Safford

DB-Jovan Ortiz, Round Valley

DB-Ryson Stuart, Snowflake

DB-Bryce Jewell, PRCA

DB-Joel Diaz, AZCP

DB-Dawson Morris. ALA-GN

Flex-Sherome Witherspoon, VC

Def. Utility-Adrian Perez, YC

Def. Utility-Justin Regher, VC

PR-Adam Damante, ALA-GN

KOR-CJ Scrivner, Safford

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2nd Team


OL-Jake Whalen, River Valley

OL-Jacob Sarraillon, Florence 

OL-Xavier Kairy, PC

OL-David Ruiz, Snowflake

OL-Nick Urias, PRCA

OL-Porter  Henderson, Thatcher 

OL-Maddox Putnicki, VC

LS-JT Despain, Ft Hills

QB-Jadon Hanzal, VC

QB-Adrian Flemming, PC

RB-Trenton Beeler. Show Low

RB-Nick Garcia, Kingman

RB-Kaden Majercak, VC

FB-Josh Mcevoy, Florence

WR-Andrew handle. VC

WR-Devon Black, YC

WR-Sean Trujillo, BC

WR-Reece Esparza, BR

TE-Mike Dulin, River Valley

TE-Nick McVicker, Snowflake

Flex-Mark Chavez, AZCP

Off Utility-Justin Ripperdan, PRCA

Punter-Tad Lynch, Coolidge

Kicker-Sam Crockett, Snowflake


DL-Andrew Rodriquez, River Valley

DL-Bradly Ruiz, Snowflake

DL-Jerahmia Smith, PC

DL-Chandler Carter, VC

DL-Patrick Aranda, Safford

DL-Ronan Palmer, BR

LB-Jeremy Julius, River Valley

LB-Tony Gomez, VC

LB-Kellen Gibson, AZCP

LB-Gabriel Witt, PRCA

LB-Mason Underwood, Thatcher

DB-Amaro Contreras, River Valley

DB-Justin Erickson, VC

DB-Porter Zuccato, ALA-GN

DB-Augustin Chiang, Coolidge

Flex-Angel Martinez, PC

Flex-Kannon Jewell, PRCA

Def Utility-Hershell Greg, BR

PR-Rylee Hamblin, Round Valley

KOR-Davante Neal, Florence

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3rd Team


OL-Andrew Cervantes, River Valley

OL-Alex Sawyer, Kingman

OL-Dimtri Muncy, BR

OL-Joseph Cardenas, Coolidge

OL-Cooper Ervien, SL



QB-Christopher Walter, Florence

QB-Mathew Espinoza, BC

RB-Ruben Falcon, Dysart

RB- Gavin Leech, San Tan


WR-Tommy Carberry, Florence

WR-Isaiah Hernandez, Dysart



Flex-Matt Hershey, Gilbert Christian

Off. Utility-Jacob Gunter, Coolidge

Punter-Shane Davenport, Ft Hills

Kicker-Dominic Zvada, VC


DL-Charlie Jeffries, Coolidge

DL-Treyson Merrill, Round Valley

DL-Phillip Rica, PRCA

DL-Emerin Bagless, ALA-GN

DL-Hunter Stanfield, Payson


LB Hank Stabler, Paradise Honors-

LB-Dylan Spann, San Tan



DB-Dante Debono, Chino Valley

DB-Calogero Dicamillo, Wickenburg

DB-Michael Clymer, Dysart


Flex-Quinton Maxwell, SL

PR-Emeka Ogbonna, ALA-GN

KR-Tevon Mellor, YC

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1st Team Defense

2nd Team Offense

2nd Team Defense

3rd Team Offense

3rd Team Defense