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1A Football



Below are the lists of the 1A All-State Teams. When you get to the gallery there will be a list at the top of the gallery where you can locate your HI-REZ Poster Certificate. All you have to do is click on the picture and download it to you files or desktop. These are Hi-rez certificates that you can have for your records and also good enough to turn into a certificate or a poster size wall certificate as well. If you have any issues downloading or there is a mistake on your Certificate please email us and we will correct and send you a new one. The Galleries are in order of 1st Team, 2nd Team and 3rd team in the same order you see on the list below. The names will also be listed above each gallery so you can find your certificate quite easily. 

 1st Team


OL- Elijah Aguilar, Bagdad

OL-Bryton Cox, Williams

OL- Ceaser Santana, Williams

OL-Zachery Duarte, Superior

QB-Logan Davis-St David

QB-Jake Crawford-Anthem Prep

RB-Malaki Porter, Mogollon 

FB-Steven Peterson, Bagdad

RB-Drew Logan, Williams

RB-Blake Smith, Williams

WR- Connor Watson, Bagdad

WR-Nathan Duarte, Superior

WR-Louis Ternyik, Tempe Prep

WR-Darius Antonio, Ft. Thomas

TE-Kason Jacquez, St. David

TE-Ryan Osha, Anthem Prep

Flex- Payton Reidhead, Mogollon

Off. Utility-Giovanni Broadbent, El Capitan

Off Utility-Cooper Williams, Bagdad

Punter-Reo Larson, St David

Kicker-Jordan Merrill, St David


DL-Luis Lara-Arredondo, Williams

DL- Tommy Hille, Duncan

DL-Garrett Reeves, Bagdad

DL-Jonathan Rodriguez, San Manuel

DL-Tyler Owens, Mogollon

DL-Josh Marquez, Superior

LB-Fisher Porter, Mogollon

LB-Cody Jensen, Williams

LB-Matthew Diaz-Gonzalez, Superior

DB-Blayk Kelton, Mogollon

DB-Nick Elliot, Bagdad

DB-Jesse Sagar, Williams

DB-Mathias Medina, San Manuel

DB-Dominique DeBratto, Lincoln Prep

Flex-Mathias Black, El Capitan

Def. Utility-Adam Navarette, Superior

Punt Returner-Zain Granthem, Williams

Kick Returner-Gabriel Beltran, Salome

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2nd Team


OL-Peyton Van Vorhees, Cicero Prep

OL-Luke Nielsen, Lincoln Prep

OL-Aidan Quirk, Anthem Prep

OL-Zac Judd, St. David

OL-Fernando Armenta, Salome

OL-Aiden Lozoya, San Manuel

QB-Diego Foster, Tempe Prep

QB-Caden Owens, Mogollon

RB-Jacob Sonke, Valley Union

RB-Jon Siegel, Cicero Prep

RB-Talon Haynie, St. David

WR-Robby Gooding,         St. David

WR-Preston Ford, Williams

Flex- Gunner Dukeshier, Anthem Prep

Punter-Tyler Black, Ft Thomas

Kicker-Joseph Patterson, Tempe Prep


DL-Matt Schreiber, Desert Heights

DL-Keiland Lucero, Bagdad

LB-Ryan Jenkins, Desert Heights

LB-Jake Crawford, Anthem Prep

LB-TJ Madrid, San Manuel

LB-Jake Goodman, St. David

DB- John West, Desert Heights

DB-Ben Dixon, Anthem Prep

DB-Koy Richardson,         St. David

Flex-Brayden Merrill, St. David

Punt Returner-Jason Olsen, Williams

Kick Returner-Jon Belci, Cicero Prep

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3rd Team


OL-Colby Pino, Ft. Thomas

OL-Jacob Motter, Anthem Prep

OL-Tayshaun Wilson, Ft. Thomas

OL- Steven Avila, Salome

QB-Jason McGrath, Duncan

RB-Eli Johnson, Lincoln Prep

RB-Mathias Medina, San Manuel

RB- Alvaro Alvarez, Salome

WR-Kelden Holmes, Mohave Accelerated

WR-Spencer Smith, Duncan

Flex-Darius Antonio, Ft. Thomas

Punter-Walker Buehler, Lincoln Prep

Kicker-Andy Rodriguez, San Manuel


DL-John Shroll, Tempe Prep

DL-Luke Kretsch, Lincoln Prep

DL-Benjamin Duarte, Superior

LB-Tommy Hinton, Ft. Thomas

LB-Cecil Brower, Bagdad

LB-Ridley Diez de Medina, Tempe Prep

DB-Aden Honegger, Mohave Accelerated

DB-Matthew Perez, Superior

DB-Jacob Dendy, Tempe Prep

DB-Emilio Woods, Lincoln Prep

Flex-Levi Lawson, Valley Union

Punt Returner-Jerek Aguon, Desert Heights

Kick Returner-Alex Rabilas, 

Anthem Prep

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1st Team Defense

2nd Team Offense

2nd Team Defense

3rd Team Offense

3rd Team Defense